Monday 3 March 2014


Morning all..

I'm so excited! I have two new followers! I only have a few 'select' people that take the time to follow my blog..but the more the merrier... so welcome to you both!.. and please feel free to  follow me if you would like to.

On Saturday  at a crop I attended I was able to have a play with my new CKCB kit, 'Great Expectations' and here is another LO I made with it. 

This LO is representative of my own 'Great Expectation' As my last house was the biggest home renovation project we've undertaken. Anyone that knows me knows my DH and I are home improvement addicts! We are always moving house and renovating properties and selling it on.. it is something we both enjoy.. having moved 14 times in 34 years we're something of experts! 

This house was a run down wreck are there was HIDEOUS extension that had been added many years before... 
HIDEOUS extension came down!

and so we decided to take it down and rebuild a better extension to the side and move the garage to the other side of the house. The only thing that remained of the original house was three outside walls and the staircase.. everything else was replaced completely. I could load hundreds of photos for this post but I will try to refrain from adding too many.. but here are a few scattered around for you to see.


Here are three photos that give you an idea of the level of work we undertook... isn't this 'before' kitchen photo a peach! LOL



The 'during' photo shows the existing staircase which we allowed to remain. The whole house was re-wired, re-plumbed, re-plastered, re everythinged! New Kitchen.. (as you can see), new bathroom, new garage, extended.. everything. We moved into rented for 7 months while we did the work and we lived there for a year before we sold it on. It was lovely while it lasted but we soon got bored again so we moved onto our next project!


I loved this kitchen.... I even had a built in coffee maker...sigh! 



The bathroom was originally located on the ground floor, so we re-located it upstairs and put in an en-suite off the guest bedroom too.

For the actual LO I used the brick paper I had 'Counterfeited' and added the striped paper as if you would above a dado rail.. and then used the frame from my kit to frame the photo of the name plate we added to the front of the house.

It is my intention to make a second page like this to make it into a DLO and I will add a tag to explain more about the project.. I may even add a fold out album on the page so I can include more photographs... so watch this space! 

The inspiration for this LO was one I found over on Pinterest here I am also loading this layout for SIPIDI.. a brilliant challenge over on my friend Fionas blog Staring at the Sea. If you're wondering what SIPIDI is.. it is a brilliant idea from Fiona whereas you See It, Pin It, DO... how many of us are guilty of seeing lots and lots of things over on Pinterest and Pinning them and then never doing anything about it/with it. This blog encourages you to actually use what you pin.. why not hop on over and have a look after leaving me a note.. I love to hear your thoughts.


  1. What a beautiful home you had. I wouldn't have wanted to leave that kitchen! I think I must be looking at the wrong post for SIPIDI. I couldn't find a link to your Pinterest inspiration. I'll find the right one and pin it to the board.

  2. Been there, done that, wouldn't ever want to do it again! You did a great job with the house.
    Loved your before & after LO it has inspired me to do one like it,too.

  3. Wow amazing the total transformation of the rooms :) Well done both on the layout and the rooms too

  4. Wow that's some serious refurbishment, you did an awesome job, loving that you are documenting this from your kit too!

  5. Wow!! Stunning , I wouldn't know WHERE to start !! Fab Page.

  6. Great layout, love the story behind. The pictures.

  7. Hm, that old extension made me chuckle. Looks fab now though, great LO too.