Wednesday 23 July 2014


Good morning bloggers!

Another sunny day in my corner of Kent..I just hope it's not as humid as yesterday.. I nearly roasted in my craft room last night...and that's the reason I can actually join in with What's on your workdesk Wednesday this week! Simply because I usually clear my desk after each session, but in this case I was soooooo hot that I couldn't wait to escape my room! Who wants to see a tidy desk each week?

So here goes... The remains of a LO that I made that was another for the third wedding album that I am making for my sons wedding. I made one for him and his new bride, one for my Mum, and finally I am making one for me! Why is it we always make ourselves go last? 

You will notice that I have some stickers on the left..these are from the Authentique, Classique Elegance collection.. A range I'm very fond of. I used the stickers and the papers for my LO.. But I can't share that here as it isn't the time or place. 

You will see the rest of the debris of the page too.. A water pot,(a recent purchase from Harry Potter studio tour- originally had butterbeer in it) complete with white water from where I washed my paintbrush, as I made a painty background on the LO.  Also several other things I dragged out, and I didn't necessarily use.. including the chipboard flourish I 
painted and distressed (bottom right) then didn't use...and some black sticky tape on a roll.. I still haven't used those..even though I bought them about a year ago! Lol

Behind my desk on the right on the wall is a new addition, the 'I love sewing' rack.. That's not true! I'm afraid I hate it...but the rack is just perfect for my rolls of American Craft ribbons. 

On the left you will see my brown leather sticker carousel..full to the brim with stickers in readiness for grabbing when any LO just 'needs' that little something extra! 

And the rest is the usual debris and remains from my urge to craft! 

I hope you enjoyed your visit...and maybe I'll start leaving my desk in a mess just so I can join in with this blog hop.

Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. I know what you mean about it being too hot to craft! I can't seem to settle to anything even though I have a few things I need to be getting on with...sigh. However, the world is still turning and I am enjoying peeking at other folks' desks!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  2. A very interesting desk, I like the rack for the ribbon, a great idea. You mention that you are on your third wedding album for your son's wedding, mine got married about the same time as yours and I haven't finished one yet! Now they are expecting a baby next month.

    1. I remember that Susi! He's an Adam too I believe??? son and DIL are due a baby after Christmas!

  3. Nice oragnisation, and all close to hand, I find if it isn't handy, it never gets used, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #22 xx

  4. Hi Elaine,

    Oh, I do enjoy a messy desk. The rack for ribbon is perfect! I saw on pinterest where someone used a thread spool rack for washi tape. I'm thinking about that. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (65)

  5. Messy or not ( and your definition of messy is different to mine!!) , it's lovely to rummage on your desk. How cheerful are those stacks (and stacks) of RUBs...makes me smile just to look at, never mind rummage through!

  6. Love those tiny little shelves to the left, what do they hold?
    Bridget #3

    1. They have all my small embellishments in them, white flowers, yellow flowers, brads, bows, candi dots, etc. I try to separate the colours where I can then everything is readily available.

  7. So much stuff!
    I constantly tell myself to tidy up between layouts but it never happens and the place is a tip!

  8. Lovely busy desk there this week.
    Colour galore, and not at all too tidy.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #10

  9. Sorry that I am so late this week, you are so right about the heat. Been to a workshop today which was great but the heat makes it so difficult to concentrate.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #44

  10. Definitley know what you mean about the heat, I have not been in my crafty bedroom at all and I am very slow with my desk hop this week. Love the pine storage unit with boxes, very good x