Tuesday 31 December 2013

Re-organised craft 'room'

Well, here goes... I promised you a sneak peek of my newly organised craft room.. and here it is! BUT be warned.. it's long post!

It all started because I was fed up with having my punches all thrown in to a large tupperware container  under my desk.. which weighed a tonne and I'm sure didn't help my bad back! So I turned to Pinterest!!! Well, 6 months later (literally) .. I'd paused (not finished you notice!) browsing the wonder that is Pinterest and had decided that the best method to store all my punches would be to invest in some nice shiny drawers from Ikea... a bargain at only £25... but then I decided I needed two! So a quick grovel to hubby to ask for an early Christmas gift, and the decision was made. I left home at 6.15 one dark Saturday evening and made the 40 mile round trip to the nearest Ikea... getting home at around 9.30..not bad I thought considering I'd been stuck in a traffic jam through the Dartford tunnel for almost  an hour! Only problem was, despite Ikea saying they were in stock, they weren't! So I ordered them to be delivered a few days later... which they duly did... BUT in flat pack form.. anyone who knows me knows that I don't DO flat pack so I had to wait a whole two days for hubby to be able to do them for me.. but they were worth the wait! My punches fill one unit completely and I can now find exactly what I need when I need it. Here is the inside of one of the six drawers..only problem is if I buy any more punches they won't fit! But I guess 6 drawers of punches might be enough! lol
The second filing cabinet houses buttons ( a whole drawers of them! In 'business card' boxes and colour co-ordinated, inks, adhesives (two drawers) wooden stamps etc. The other small white plastic cabinet holds all my clear stamps and some tools, glue guns, staplers etc.  I have managed to label all of the drawers but my Dymo labeller cartridge has run out so I've resorted to a good old fashioned pen for most things until my new cartridge arrives. 

This, of course, meant a complete re-organisation of my space.. I can't really call it a 'room' as it is such an awkward little place with steps up a small ladder and a squeeze between two beams to get into it! See the picture to the right

But once I'm in there I have good, if somewhat awkward space to work in with a large desk right under the window which gives me good light to work in. 

Above the desk I have a small shelf that I have managed to fit a lot of storage boxes on and this makes it really handy when I 'must' have something specific for my LO's. 

Added to which to my right I have these multi-coloured storage boxes with small embellishments in, brads, bows, charms etc, and I have two hanging pocket organisers where I stuff all manner of other packets of embellishments, flowers, ribbon etc. 

You can also see here the new carousel desk organiser that my DS2 bought me for Christmas..bless him.. the boy did good! I haven't got around to filling it all up yet..but I'm sure I will! 

The small cupboard (beneath the light) is an added bonus, because although I have to get down on my hands and knees to get in there, it is a great place to store my rolling totes and bags. To the right and left of the bags etc I have all my papers stored in 'bins' that I found at Staples that take 12" papers perfectly.. like the ones below on the bottom right hand side. 

They don't sell them anymore, but I bought about eight and they store my kit collections in their plastic bags perfectly. To the left hand side of these two 'bins' (that I keep accessible for ones I'm currently using), is a small rattan drawer unit that I keep a lot of 8" papers in with their offcuts. I keep my Big Shot in the black plastic crate on top of that with my long plates and dies. I got it from the greengrocer and it fits perfectly so I can take it off there and use on my desk or downstairs if the mood takes me.  All the shelves behind are for stuff I don't use too much because it is difficult to access as there is a large beam in there, which is perfect to smack your head on! In the boxes on the shelves are mainly blank card packs, toppers, pens, photos etc. I don't do a lot of card making, mainly scrapping, so I keep that stuff back there.  



On my Expedit bookcase behind my desk, I also store two small totes, one I sit on a lazy susan and one that is a carousel that I keep a lot of regularly used pens, tools, pearl pens etc in. Because I have a swivel chair, I can just turn and the top of the bookcase is like an extension to my desk and I can grab things from there as I need them. There is also a filing rack on the top and I keep current issues of magazines and larger offcuts of scrap paper, A4 paper etc. I am quite ruthless at using (or losing) offcuts, so I don't have a huge mountain of it anywhere like some people I've seen on other blogs! (I'm glad to say)

In the bookcase itself is card stock, ribbons, tools, more card making stuff (the stuff I use more regularly) and an assortment of other 'must keep' items (!) The unit used to be an eight cube Expedit, but that wouldn't fit into my space so dearest hubby cut it down to make it a 6 cube one and I am using the off cut of the discarded 2 cube frame as a shelf to store the rattan drawers etc. Beneath the shelf is tissue paper, my Making Memories Slice, laminator and pouches etc. and my embossing folder file.

To the right of my paper storage 'bins' is an old CD rack that DH made years ago and since we no longer need to keep CD's (they're all on iPlayers now) I nabbed the CD rack to go in there. I then discovered that that Bold washing liquitab boxes fit perfectly on the shelves and so I have filled many of them up with hand made flowers, journalling pads, tags etc and above that I have used those cheap 'chinese take-away' type storage boxes for small offcuts of coloured card.. I bought them from the pound shop where you can get 8 for a pound!  I do love a bargain! They easily take lots of little pieces of card that is organised by colour so I can just grab a box when I need a heart or star (or similar) punched to match a LO perfectly. Beside it I have a small tote that I use when I go to a fortnightly two hour crafting session I attend. It is just the right size! It is a narrow space, as you can hopefully work out here, but it works-  after a fashion! 

Also in various nooks and crannies I have things tucked away in small spaces, like all my embossing stuff, and of course my dies, which I keep on magnetic strips above the door into the cupboard that I keep my rolling totes in. I have two strips at present, I bought the magnetic strips on a roll that is adhesive on one side, so I stuck it to the wall and stuck the metal dies to the magnets, keeping them all easy to see at a glance. I don't do a lot of die cutting, but I'm just getting into it a bit more, so I can't see this system lasting too long as I don't have any more spare wall space to put more. I already have an overflow but I appreciate that my collection is TINY compared to most... but my passion is paper and embellishments not really dies. So I'll address that one when the need arises.. probably next week the way the sales are beckoning me at the moment! He he he. 

I've just popped on to UKS and I have been reading a thread there started by Sue (aka Mini owner).. where she admitted she has 96 rolls of washi tape! Someone else owns 830 pens (!) and many of us have owned up to being craft stash hoarders! With all that in mind I think my collection is very restrained but as I have so little room for much else I don't think I'll get too carried away. 

Finally all that is left to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR.. may 2014 bring you all that you are wishing for. 

Phew.. that's it! Hope you haven't fallen asleep yet! 

Sunday 29 December 2013

A quick LO for Sues Sketch Challenge

Here is a LO I did earlier in the month for Sue (Mini Owners) Sketch Challenge for December.

I used the sketch as instructed and then as she had entered the sketch as a challenge on UKS too, she asked that we include numbers in the title... which I have also done.

I made this Lo to go into my Mums scrapbook album that I gave her for Christmas.. well what else do you give an 82 year old for Christmas when she says she has everything she needs?

This blog is part of my seven week catch up and I hope that I will be a more regular blogger during 2014... part of my New Years resolution! What's yours? I can't wait to hear!

Saturday 28 December 2013

Where did seven weeks go?

I'm totally stunned that it has been seven weeks since my last blog! Where, oh where did those seven weeks go?
I guess the run up to Christmas took its toll and the days flew by.. I was totally engrossed in my craft room re-organisation during November so that was several weeks gone and then Christmas.. which bought its own challenges.. we had terrible flooding, no power for 36 hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and no access to several routes to get away from the flooding due to roads being cut off... luckily there was one way in and out, so we could have had it worse! Fortunately our own house is on the top of a hill so no chance of us being flooded but our low lying neighbours were not so fortunate and suffered a lot of damage. I count my blessings for living on a hill!

Here is a picture of the flooding which shows the bridge that I normally pass over each day to get anywhere.. it was totally un-passable!

Below are a few shots of my Christmas decorations, a lot of which were hand made this year. I decided to go with a Nordic theme in red and white so I die cut lots of hearts and hand decorated them with Nordic style 'drawing' and writing.

I then  die cut lots of red and white poinsettias and added them amongst some greenery on my table and side board. I also made gift tags in the same theme and added them to the place settings. I had quite a bit of fun updating my decorations this year.
Here is the sideboard with all the fresh greenery and here is the table and place setting too.

Well what else have I been up to in seven weeks... well I set a challenge on UKS... use a sketch and create a LO with trees. I did this one about a snowy walk a couple of years back 

and I also did this one which was a double page 8 x 8 Lo about winter. I love the snow but I do hate the rain and mud that goes usually follows it!

Oh and I made a wreath.... I think I'd better save my new craft room for another blog.. I expect you've nodded off to sleep my now!

Take care all.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Another 'Mum' LO

This weekend I went to a local crop and spent most of the morning making Christmas Tree Decorations for a decoration swap I am taking part in on UK Scrappers. As the deadline for posting isn't for another couple of weeks I can't share the photos here...but suffice to say I was rather pleased as several of the other ladies there were keen to see how I had made them and so I ended up doing a tutorial. I hope the recipients enjoy them as much as the others seemed to!
Afterwards, there wasn't much time to do much else, but I did manage to squeeze one LO in...so I made another one for my Mums Christmas album.
I used Kaisercraft Sweet Pea papers and a chicken wire die-cut peeping out from behind the photo. I addition I hand cut the owl from another piece of PPS with the bird at the top right of the page, added some bling and some flowers and voila'...finit!
I hope you like my LO.

Friday 1 November 2013

Another retreat under my belt

Hi all

Last weekend I went to another retreat..this time a private one in Whitstable on the Kent Coast..not that I saw much of it.. I spent all weekend cloistered in a room with 9 other scrapaholics! lol

We had such a laugh and the hostess of the B & B looked after us VERY well. It is called Hillview Bed and Breakfast and she can accommodate crafting weekends if anyone is interested. Here is her website. Crafting weekends are a new enterprise for her and she did it extremely well. Jane can accommodate up to 10 people with space for all of you to crop in a big, bright sunny room with plenty of natural light and views over fields beyond if you want to allow yourself to be distracted. There is also room to store all your totes and stash too!!  and her food is to die for! Thanks to Jane and the organiser for making it a really special weekend. 

Anyway... over to the actual cropping! lol

Here are a couple of my favourite LO's that I made. I made 11 in total and two circle journal pages, 6 Christmas decorations and I altered a wooden box with texture paste etc for a challenge. I kept it simple as I haven't worked with it before and I don't really do heavily embellished stuff although some of the other ladies boxes were AMAZING! 

Here is a LO I made for an album I am doing for my Mum for Christmas... well.. what else do you give an 83 year old for Christmas? 

This was taken at my sons wedding in June and she is shown with my sister, Christine, too. I found all the papers for this in a scrap box that we all added to over the weekend.. which I thought was pretty amazing 'cos the whole thing was free to make! Result!

and here is another one I particularly liked as it is so bright and cheerful... I am currently loving yellow.. it seems so in vogue right now... is anyone else finding that too?

I love the combination of the yellow and black with the grey and white to break it all up. How about you?

Finally.. below is another one that met the criteria of  a challenge that I was set. I had to create a LO with a film title (Laughter in Paradise was apparently a film in 1951!), include some washi tape, (the flag poked behind the rosette), include three resin flowers and finally to include some punched elements (I think you can see them for yourself!) 

I had such a job choosing which ones to display here, so I hope you like what I've done.. I will try to upload more when time allows. 

Have a great weekend crafting everyone. Take care if you're having fireworks! 

Sunday 20 October 2013

I'm in the blogging mood!

Well because I have such a bumper crop of Lo's to share.. here are two more.. one I did last weekend too (at the Green Buttons retreat) and one I did at the crop I went to a little earlier in the month.

Here is one of my DH showing his love of gardening.. rain do NOT stop play!

and here is another wedding LO of my DIL getting ready for the big day.

Productive weekend

Well... after saying my mojo is back in my last post .. it well and truly is! I've been so busy scrapping I haven't had time to blog about it!

This month has seen a MASSIVE leap in production... I've done 23 LO's and two CJ pages so far.. and I'm off on a retreat again next weekend so I have no doubt there'll be even more LOs completed.. although I am hoping to try some new techniques there.. so maybe not as many as 18 that I completed last weekend on the Green Buttons Retreat at Harborne Hall, Birmingham that I went on with a group of girls from UKS.

With so many LO's to choose from I am only featuring a couple of LO's here.. just my favourites.

The first one I was particularly proud of as I was, admittedly, scraplifting a digi LO. I don't know about you but I always find it hard to scraplift digis. Anyway.. here is my first LO. A picture of my eldest son when he was just a toddler. I used a dabber with white paint for the cloud, then cut the moon and added lots of stars and then, my piece de-resistance.. I hand cut the little sheep and added that. I was so pleased with it. ...I didn't know I had it in me...lol 

The second LO here.. was made at a crop I went to early in the month and it is of my Daughter in Laws wedding dress and shoes taken on the day of her and my eldest sons wedding back in June. .. yes the same little boy in the first LO.. my how he's grown. I called the LO 'Perfect' because her choice of dress and shoes was just that.perfect for her tiny frame and lovely features. She's is such a lovely girl I'm lucky to have her as my DIL.

I have no doubt I'll be adding more from my bumper crop of LOs over the coming weeks but first I have to find time to blog about them! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday 22 September 2013

My scrapping mojo is back!

After almost a month of being too busy to scrap..yesterday I finally found time to rediscover my Mojo! Hurrah I hear you say! She's back!

Well here I am having completed two CJ pages yesterday and three layouts.. I am really rather pleased with the end results. At this stage I can't share the CJ pages or one of the LOs but here are the other two. I'm happy to have my mojo back!

The first os a LO based on a holiday in 2000 to Seville to celebrate my Mums 70th birthday and the second is a Pumpkin patch that I saw in a Victorian walled garden in Guernsey last autumn. 

Thanks for looking. 

Saturday 21 September 2013

Too long since my last post

Forgive me crafters for I have sinned.. it's been 4 long weeks since my last blog! After saying my Hail Mary's I will begin with the excuses! I've been crazily busy with the preparations for opening my B & B and that has stopped me from doing any crafting.. well nearly!

I have had my first two paying guests and they both went well... both were very complimentary and wrote nice visitors messages in my book.. so it looks as though I've pitched it right on the style/service front! Phew!

I've also just got back from a few days in the Lake District... I took my 83 year old Mum with me so I wasn't able to do any walking as she needs assistance these days so I was her companion while my husband went walking the mountains!

Anyway as I said I have very little in the way of crafting to share with you so I thought I'd share the stash  I managed to find on my little holiday... I found a shop called The Paper Warehouse... (which sounded more impressive than it actually was) and I did manage to find a few goodies. I have been trying to build up my collection of nesting punches recently so I managed to find some Xcut scalloped ovals.. (coming soon to a LO near you!) and some papers and card that may help me with my sons wedding album including some lush glittery embossed white card and three double sided papers that caught my eye.. Teal is SUCH a difficult colour to find in the right shade so I bought some card that I hope may make a few elements to accent the colour scheme on my LO's. .. along with some pins and some more tags too. There are a few basic things in there too, like mounting pads, tape etc and I bought a new plastic storage box to keep my ever growing collection of washi tape in.. I bought 4 more rolls while I was away too..but I haven't rescued them from the bottom of my suitcase yet!

As I'm off to the first of two cropping retreats in three weeks time, I am going to spend some time in my craft room this weekend sorting my stash, new and old, and doing a couple of LO's as I need to catch up with some challenges that I have missed.

I hope you all have a lovely crafting weekend (as I plan to do) before getting back to work on Monday. BTW.. I gave my notice in! However, they wouldn't take it, so I have agreed to drop down to a three day week and do less B & B than originally planned. Watch this space for more news!

Friday 23 August 2013

Rock Your World Friday

I've rocked on over from Virginias Blog to share with you

Well this week it has been a real challenge to think of some good things.. we've had some upsetting private family news that rocked our world..not in a good way.

Then my extended family seem to have got hold of the wrong end of the stick and thought I was interfering when I really wasn't! I am, however, grateful for the support my immediate family have given me so, Mwah, Mwah! to them.

Then I am so busy at work that I'm not sure what way is up.. but that can be a blessing too so that doesn't really count does it?

The most exciting and momentous thing that has happened this week is that I have decided to open up my house as Bed and Breakfast accommodation... and I am going to have to leave my job, so for that I'm grateful. (Some of you know I had a stress related stroke last year and that will take the pressure off) 

We're currently redecorating the rooms we will use and my dear husband has everything under control.. so for that I'm also grateful.. it'll cost quite a lot to set it up though.. so that's not so good! You have no idea how expensive Public Liability is? but on the whole it's exciting.. and for that I'm grateful.

I am shopping for all sorts of exciting new goodies, crockery, bed linen, BEDS!, pictures etc so that's exciting.. and I'm VERY grateful for delivery drivers! lol

I am also grateful for the area I live in as we are surrounded by National Trust and Historic properties - here is a selection-

This is Chartwell in Westerham.. home of Winston Churchill for 40 years

This is Knole House in Sevenoaks - the home of Vita Sackville West and home to the last remaining medieval herd of Red Deer in Kent

This is the beautiful Penshurst Pace, that has amazing gardens and is right on my doorstep to the south
 and this is Chiddingstone Castle which is literally within a 30 minute walk from my front door... it is so beautiful and they have some fascinating exhibitions there.

These amazing properties (and many more locally) are a magnet for weekenders and people looking for a rural retreat.. so hopefully my business will take off... so if anyone wants an idyllic country cottage weekend away.. I'm your girl! 

That's about it for this week.. but its all fairly momentous so I think that'll keep me going for now. Here's my cottage if you're interested...maybe internal pictures will follow next week if we get on well enough.

Have a good week everyone. 

Wednesday 21 August 2013

WOYWW 1st timer

Well.. Here is a peek at what's on my workdesk! I've never joined in this blog before but thought it was about time as I've been looking at all your fabulous workspaces and, although mine is far smaller than some of yours it is my little space of heaven regardless.

Today you can see the start of a circle journal double LO that I'm working on. The theme is 'Your favourite time of Year' so I am doing summer. I have started with some pink cardstock and have so far cut out a series of circular photos of roses in my garden that I will be adding on top of a doily. TBH it isn't going as well as I'd like so it's been a bit abandoned so I may go back to the drawing board and rethink it but I'm not sure yet.

I'll be back to work today so I shan't get it finished for a while anyway.

I'm off for a blog hop to have a look at all your other work desks now. Have a good day all

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Use up your scraps

A very quick blog for me today as I'm off to work momentarily...

I was inspired by two things for this LO.. on the CKCB blog it asked you to use up some scraps- not from your kit.. well I used two tiny scraps from my kit and also scraps of washi tape (??) hope that counts?

Also over on UKS- the weekly challenge was to leave at least 50% white space and use die cuts and stitching. (Mine's faux but that was within the rules- so no worries)

Here is my LO using all the elements for both challenges... be back later! Thanks for looking!

Sunday 11 August 2013

A quick LO from me today

I had very little time to make a LO today (I've finally got my son moved out and into his new home) yet I was very keen to complete the August House Challenge on UKS( UK Scrappers). This is to take inspiration from another LO in the UKS gallery and scraplift it.

This was my inspiration from UKS member Daisychain... isn't is gorgeous?

Then of course, I wanted to start scrapping my sons wedding- finally! I've been a bit scared to get started as the photos are so special to me... and I didn't want to get it wrong.. then I just decided to bite the bullet and get going anyway.. and if it didn't 'make the cut' for the final album.. then so be it.

So here goes.. here is my take on this lovely LO

I wanted to make it as close as possible to the original..but I fell at the first hurdle.. the photo I had printed was much larger so I had to 'upscale' everything. I started with a biscuit tin lid and added teal ink around the edge- stamped two overlapping rings- and took an inky sponge and wiped it in lines across the (slightly sparkly) background card stock. I added a page of Kaisercraft Chapter One embossed paper and toned it down with more of the teal ink. I then added a layer of lace and a punched border, adhered the photo and added the bird cage, flower spacer beads, pearls and stocking flowers. I finished with the title, which I then added more pearls to in order to lift it a little.

I hope you like.. please add comments as it's great to get feedback and then I'll decide if it's going to make the cut or not.  Thanks for looking.

Friday 9 August 2013

Rocking your world Friday & CKCB LO's

This week I cannot compete with the sheer no. of photographs that Virginia has on her RYWF blog but I still have lots to be grateful for!

Saturday was a great day for me as I went  (as I usually do on the first Saturday of each month) to a crop in Golden Green, Near Tonbridge in Kent and created 4 LO's using my August Counterfeit Kit 
I have already shared two with you this week, but here are the other two so you can see the diversity of colours and styles that you can get out of one set of random papers.

This is a LO about when my DS and DH went to try on their suits for my other sons wedding in June. I couldn't go, so I had to make do with this photo that was sent to me by said DS who sent it to me by text. I wasn't expecting it, and when I opened it.. I just burst into tears! Emotions are a funny thing aren't they? 

and here is the final LO.. of my dogs one crisp spring morning earlier this year.. not a tear in sight! lol

Then on Sunday I had a lovely day relaxing and chatting with family and very little else.

Monday to Thursday I was back at work with a vengeance..boy was I busy- which is a good thing in my line of business! I am in sales and the housing market has, unsurprisingly, been in the doldrums in the last few years. This week however, everyone seems to have woken up and I have sold 7 houses! Happy days.. I may FINALLY earn some commission. I haven't been this busy in 5 years! Hooray!

On Wednesday evening I went to another crop and I made this LO.... but to be happy, although I love the Teresa Collins Far Away papers, I think my photos are a bit lost on it, so I'm not sure if I won't go back to the drawing board with it.. what do you think? 

Then last night I went to my sons house to help him start moving his stuff in there. Him and his new wife have been lodging with us since March while they do their house us.. and the light is finally at the end of the tunnel and the carpet went down yesterday. They are just waiting for their boiler to be connected and they will have hot water so they can actually move in.. they (and I) can't wait. I have loved every minute of having them here..but there's nothing like having your own space is there? Then it'll be just me, DH and the dogs again..maybe I can take back control of the remote again (my son had stolen it!)

So that's my week.. I'm off out today for lunch with a friend and then I will be home for a crafty hour or two to round off the day. I hope you all have/had a great week too.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

2nd August forgery

Here is my latest LO from Saturdays crop using the August Counterfeit Kit.

The story of the LO is a good one... and it's what Scrapbooking is all about.. recording everyday events!

Back in May you may remember we held a pre-wedding garden party in honour of my DS and now DILs wedding in June. We invited many family and friends and the day was glorious..the first decent day of summer shone down on us..but... in typical English fashion... the evenings turned cold in the spring air and my dear Mum (who's 83) was getting decidedly colder and colder. So, my DS went and got his coat for her to wear but as the evening wore on she got colder still and we went and got a blanket for her so we could watch the sun set from the end of our garden.. as you can see by the shadows on the photos. She was determined to sit it out until the sun went down. then my DS2 and she got the giggles and I managed to take this lovely series of photos of them both..it was such a special day!

I made this LO on Saturday but on Sunday I noticed that the latest challenge on the CKCB blog was to incorporate something hidden so I have managed to slip some journalling in about the story of the day and this event behind the middle photograph with a concealed tag... I love these photos and couldn't wait to scrap them.

Sunday 4 August 2013

1st August Master Forgery

Here is my first forgery from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog

I had a day at a crop yesterday and made 4 LO's with the kit and I still have loads left. I thought today I would spend loading them here but sadly life took over, as it often has a habit of doing, and I ended up spending far too much time doing mundane things like cooking and cleaning!

Anyway here is the first LO I made so I will add the rest in order of how I made them at the crop.. thay will follow as soon as I have a chance to upload them. I hope everyone else spent time enjoying themselves rather than having a weekend like mine.

I used the reverse of a patterned pice of paper to start then a piece of pink card-stock as the mount to the photos and used 4 of the project life style cards as the banners and the title and then mounted the photos on too. I then made  tow washi taps fans and the 5 quilled flowers (truthfully I had been going to make loads and loads more, but I got a bit bored) so I reverted to buttons for the rest of the embellishments with bakers twine through them and added two pink brads, one that I used to secure the bronze birdcage charm that you can just about see at the bottom right of the picture. (As you can tell I'm still working on better photographs with my iPad whilst my good camera is out of action). I'll keep trying I promise! 

Friday 2 August 2013

Catch a Falling Star

Here is my take on this months Counterfeit Kit ..The Confidence Kit.

When I first saw this the colours that seemed to jump out at me were turquoise, brown and a hint of pink with some sand and beige. This was great as I had earlier seen a lovely LO in turquoise and pink and it wasn't a colour combination I had used before and I had decided I really wanted to... so this was the inspiration for my kit that I have called 'Catch a Falling Star'. 

Here is the original- found over at CKCB that I blogged about earlier today. 

First I started with selecting the card-stock in the colours mentioned above and then I chose all of the papers to co-ordinate... I had a ball choosing the papers and found some co-ordinating Project Life style cards.. one with 'Catch a Falling Star' on it. Then I found some brown and sand camera and globe stickers and thought that these went well with everything else along with the alphas in cream and turquoise with pink and brown chipboard alphas too.

Here is my take on the kit 

I then included ink pads, brown bloomer ribbon, pink and blue brads, pinky brown buttons, pink and blue bakers twine and a number of other embellishments here with some wooden words, some pink chips and pink and blue paper clips in the shape of an aeroplane finished off with a couple of bronze charms amongst others. 
I'm off to a crop tomorrow so I am looking forward to using this lush kit!