Thursday 31 August 2017

Boo! Well that's a surprise

Good morning all

Well, this is a surprise, finding myself back here after such a long break!
I'm not sure where summer has gone but it seems to have flown by in a flash and my blogging time has taken a hit with  Mum in hospital for 6 weeks with a broken hip and ongoing renovations in my house and garden. I've lost count of the number of cups of tea I have made for my garden landscapers..and they're still not finished! Lol

Anyway..the reason for my visit today is bacause I have been joining in on the Summer Snap challenge over on UKScrappers.
The list of things I had to find and photograph are as follows

1) A dome

Yummy Ice Creams

2) A hanging basket

3)  Something sticky

My Grand daughter Amber eating an Ice Cream

4) Something smaller than your thumb

A ladybird

5) A set of three

6) Anything noisy

7) On a bench

Not quite a bench but similar

8) An apple

On the tree in our local pub 

9) An object you would never part with

A copper boot my Dad made when he was an apprentice Coppersmith

10) A street sign beginning with the letter S (I've substituted the with something yellow)

A flower on my courgette plant 

11) A reflection other than in a mirror

A pond on my daily walk 

12)  Stitches

A layout with stitching on the corners 

13) Something tall

My husband up a tree, cutting it down 

14) anything containing the letter Z substituted with a 'New Frock' 

My Grand daughter Amber rocking her first Ballet dress ready for her classes that start in September 

15) Feathers

16) Peace and quiet

The field behind my garden

17) Something with a tail

My dog, Basil

18) A wall

Stencilled, fussy cut and printed! 

19) Two wheels 

My husband on his motorbike

20) Something surprising!

I almost set fire to my house but came back into the building just before it all went up in smoke!! I was, its fair to say, surprised..and shocked!!! 

And these were the Substitutes we could choose from

A a new frock
B a summer celebration
C the colour yellow
D a menu

Thanks for looking!