Sunday 20 October 2013

I'm in the blogging mood!

Well because I have such a bumper crop of Lo's to share.. here are two more.. one I did last weekend too (at the Green Buttons retreat) and one I did at the crop I went to a little earlier in the month.

Here is one of my DH showing his love of gardening.. rain do NOT stop play!

and here is another wedding LO of my DIL getting ready for the big day.

Productive weekend

Well... after saying my mojo is back in my last post .. it well and truly is! I've been so busy scrapping I haven't had time to blog about it!

This month has seen a MASSIVE leap in production... I've done 23 LO's and two CJ pages so far.. and I'm off on a retreat again next weekend so I have no doubt there'll be even more LOs completed.. although I am hoping to try some new techniques there.. so maybe not as many as 18 that I completed last weekend on the Green Buttons Retreat at Harborne Hall, Birmingham that I went on with a group of girls from UKS.

With so many LO's to choose from I am only featuring a couple of LO's here.. just my favourites.

The first one I was particularly proud of as I was, admittedly, scraplifting a digi LO. I don't know about you but I always find it hard to scraplift digis. Anyway.. here is my first LO. A picture of my eldest son when he was just a toddler. I used a dabber with white paint for the cloud, then cut the moon and added lots of stars and then, my piece de-resistance.. I hand cut the little sheep and added that. I was so pleased with it. ...I didn't know I had it in 

The second LO here.. was made at a crop I went to early in the month and it is of my Daughter in Laws wedding dress and shoes taken on the day of her and my eldest sons wedding back in June. .. yes the same little boy in the first LO.. my how he's grown. I called the LO 'Perfect' because her choice of dress and shoes was just that.perfect for her tiny frame and lovely features. She's is such a lovely girl I'm lucky to have her as my DIL.

I have no doubt I'll be adding more from my bumper crop of LOs over the coming weeks but first I have to find time to blog about them! Hope you enjoy!