Wednesday 9 November 2016

Woo Hoo.. my 300th post

Good Morning and Happy WOYWW to all of my dear followers

Today I have some exciting news.. this is my 300th Blog Post..yep 300th.. where oh where did they all fly by to? I've had some breaks along the way due to house moves, family illness and, generally, life getting in the way.. but 300 posts is surely something to celebrate?  

So..drum roll.. I'm having a giveaway! Become a follower and I will be sending one of you, regardless of your location a lovely gift. I can't say what it will be because I know that some of my followers aren't scrapbookers for example.. some of you are crocheters, seamstresses, stamping queens etc. but I will make sure that your gift is related to your own craft.. how exciting is that? You have until the end of November to become a follower and then I will use a random number generator to select my prize winner. I do hope you'll join me! The giveaway will be for existing and new followers as long as you have made a comment on my blog in the last month.

In addition I have also added a 'Pinterest' button to my posts so should anyone like to save any of my layouts for inspiration for later, you can now click on the Pinterest button at the bottom of each post.

Anyway, enough if that.. you are, of course, here to see my desk.. so here it is.. a bit more cluttered than last week but still very tidy on account that I am still trying to sell my house (!) I'm getting a bit bored of keeping it so tidy to be honest... but needs must.

You might notice a couple of cards on the left of the desk.. I can't zoom in on them yet as they are for some DT work but all in good time, all in good time.. lol.
You may also be wondering why I'm sharing my desk that it is because the lovely Julia over at The Stamping Ground is, as usual on a Wednesday, hosting a desk hop where we can all share our desks and current projects.  
Talking of current projects here are my latest layouts

Of course, these are mostly of my dear Grandaughter, Amber, and her Mummy and Daddy, my son and daughter-in-law but I did manage to include a couple of others.

Finally here is one that I created using the Glisten Collection from Kaisercraft for my DT work with Merly Impressions.

and here is a card I made too

Finally,I am also involved in a couple of swaps over on UK Scrappers and here are all the gifts I've been carefully wrapping for the last couple of evenings.. all ready to send off to the recipients. I can't wait to see what I get in return.. I love swaps.. lol (I'm  just a big kid at heart..)

 for an advent swap.. 24 little gifts all wrapped and numbered
and lots of little gifts for a stocking swap

So that's it for  today.. sorry I was so late coming to the party of the WOYWW but I had a viewing so I had to do dreaded house work again and take the dogs out.. it's raining here so it wasn't much fun.. but hey ho..that means I have the rest of the day to play.. now, what shall I do? Lol

Thanks for stopping by.. and don't forget to become a follower now.


Thursday 3 November 2016

Golden Glisten layout using Kaisercraft Projects.

Today I have great pleasure in bringing you my Golden Layout using the Kaisercraft Glisten Collection from Merly Impressions.

Here is a blog post on their blog all about it, so I won't repeat it here.


Here are some close ups too

Thanks for stopping by...

By the next post is my 300th Blog post.. please do pop by for some exciting news.


Wednesday 2 November 2016

A clutch of completed layouts, a kitchen re-vamp and a pumpkin

Good morning all

Happy WOYWW 387 to you.. if you want to know more do hop on over to Julia at The Stamping Ground to discover what the heck I'm talking about! lol
Basically.. a bunch of us crafters like to get together each Wednesday to share our desks.. whatever their condition (!) and show each other what we are making or have made during the previous week.

Well.. today my desk is IMMACULATE! Why? Well two reasons.. firstly my house is on the market and it needs to be pristine for when viewers come and secondly because I was at a retreat all weekend and I took LOADS of stash with me and I haven't got around to unpacking it all its tucked away out of sight for my photo and when a viewer comes around I shove it in a large cupboard! lol
So without further ado.. here is my spotless craft room.. drink it all in.. once I have a buyer it'll soon revert to the mess it usually

Now, some of you may remember that last week my dear husband was half way through painting my kitchen.. (again 'cos we're marketing the house) and I promised you a looksee at it here it is before

and here it is completely took him 2 loooong days but since we've done it we have had lots more viewings booked so it was worth it. We even have a second viewing booked on Thursday so keep your fingers crossed for me!  Even if it doesn't sell at least it is a whole heap better. It's pale grey in real life but it looks white in this picture..

Finally I guess you'd like to see what I have been up to since last week.. well as I mentioned, I was away on a scrapbooking retreat at the weekend. Three days of sheer peace and quiet from all the hum drum things in life and LOADS of laughter.. and wine.. lets not forget the .. oh and cake..and chocolate! Just what the Dr ordered after a stress filled few weeks with my Mum. (My sister was looking after her while I had my break) so I had a blast.. and managed 11 layouts in total. Less than I normally manage but a decent number regardless.. so I'll show you a few here but I'll save a few for other weeks when I have less to show. So here goes:

and finally here are my Halloween decorations with a very dodgy looking pumpkin carving! Don't laugh..especially all you Americans out there who are all but professional at these things! Lol. I literally did it in about 5minutes flat because it was almost dark and I wanted to get it out there quick smart so it is what it is...


I got the skeleton from good old Poundland and I made the little Halloween canvas a few weeks back

So..that's another week in my life.. I'm off now to see what you've all been up to too.