Friday 10 January 2014

RYW Friday

Hello there... over on Virginias Blog, she encourages you to look back over the week to look at the positive side of life.

This week has been a good week on the whole, starting with Saturday when I was invited to a friends to craft with her. I made two LO's.. which I blogged earlier in the week. See below. I'm grateful for the invite and that the roads were clear enough of water for me to get through after all the flooding we've had.

Sunday was a nice day and we had my eldest son and his wife over for Sunday lunch.. a roast rib of beef.. which was delicious.. which is more than I can say for the turkey I cooked for Christmas.. so I was grateful for that! Here's my family before they had actually tasted the said Turkey! 

Monday was a day for chores...but it passed quickly so that's a bonus!

Tuesday saw my youngest son visit me from London.. so I'm really grateful for that.. although both he and my husband had their fire stations closed this week by the meglomaniac Boris Johnson! (I hate that man!) so they were both quite down. They have both kept their jobs though so that REALLY is something to be grateful for! 

Wednesday and Thursday passed in a whirl of work.. and today was another day of chores and getting my house ready to put on the market as we are downsizing soon.. hopefully! Now all I have to do is sell it... and then I will be really grateful... anyone want to buy a house?...... 


  1. Ah that's been a whirlwind of information to absorb in a week. I'm sure you house will sell quickly, it looks beautiful. Glad you managed to enjoy a fabulous family meal and look at the positive for hubby and son of keeping their jobs albeit presumably somewhere different!

    Hope you have a good weekend and week ahead.


    1. Oh yes I should have mentiond that... Son going to Wandsworth in London and hubby going to Eltham in South London.