Friday 2 August 2013

Rocking Your World Friday.. on a Friday!

I am celebrating my online friends this week! I consider myself very fortunate that I have some good virtual friends around me.. none more so than my team on UKS!

I had some very unexpected, but exciting, news on Sunday which I shared with them..and they were thrilled for me. More news on that in the future. 

Then my week went steadily downhill... work is getting me down a bit- but you have to get on with it don't you? So once again I turned to my team and shared the pain.. and they all chipped in with some encouragement.. and told me of their work pain they had been going through.. which made mine seem so insignificant in comparison.. so for that I'm grateful. 

Then I was chosen as one of the Fab Five in the CKCB blog for my choice of Counterfeit kits .. and I was thrilled. I am steadily getting to know the CKCB group and there are some fab designers over there.. so please hop on over and have a look. 

Then I asked to join an online sketch challenge group too.. and they said yes.. so here is my latest Lo for that... please forgive the photography- I used my iPad as my DSLR is currently broken and it looks all wonky- but it isn't honestly! 

Now I'm off to look at the August CKCB to get my kit together as I'm off on a crop tomorrow.. I'm so looking forward to it. 


  1. Hi Elaine it's have a great Uks team. I'm a member of a great one and we all manage to meet up now.and.again.despite the distance

    Glad you are.enjoying being part of the sketch group

    Suzy x

  2. It sounds as though you are enjoying your scrapbooking. I am not sure what all your abbreviations stand for, but I got the gist of it. I hope work is better for you this week. Kate x

  3. I love your LO.
    Hope the week to come brings plenty of positives.
    Toni xx

  4. Oh exciting news is always a positive, loving your layout and that your getting such positive responses from the counterfeit kits that you've done, I adore that blog, just don't have enough time to play! Work pains are difficult but the statement a problem shared is a problem halved seems to have worked as you were able to gain support from others and support them in return - truly a beautiful blessing. Here's to less work stresses and more positives hun! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  5. We really love having you in our team Elaine and its lovely knowing you can share your troubles (and triumphs) with us. Looking forward to scrapping with you at our retreat in October.

  6. Lovely post Elaine :) Love the LO & fab news! Looking forward to meeting you in person in October! hugs x

  7. As someone who has a group of online friends that I frequently turn to I can fully agree just how much of a positive that is. Even if just to go AAAARGH!

    Exciting news is always exciting :D Yay!

    The scrapbook page looks lovely (not wonky to me)

    Hope you have a lovely week this week :)