Friday 9 August 2013

Rocking your world Friday & CKCB LO's

This week I cannot compete with the sheer no. of photographs that Virginia has on her RYWF blog but I still have lots to be grateful for!

Saturday was a great day for me as I went  (as I usually do on the first Saturday of each month) to a crop in Golden Green, Near Tonbridge in Kent and created 4 LO's using my August Counterfeit Kit 
I have already shared two with you this week, but here are the other two so you can see the diversity of colours and styles that you can get out of one set of random papers.

This is a LO about when my DS and DH went to try on their suits for my other sons wedding in June. I couldn't go, so I had to make do with this photo that was sent to me by said DS who sent it to me by text. I wasn't expecting it, and when I opened it.. I just burst into tears! Emotions are a funny thing aren't they? 

and here is the final LO.. of my dogs one crisp spring morning earlier this year.. not a tear in sight! lol

Then on Sunday I had a lovely day relaxing and chatting with family and very little else.

Monday to Thursday I was back at work with a vengeance..boy was I busy- which is a good thing in my line of business! I am in sales and the housing market has, unsurprisingly, been in the doldrums in the last few years. This week however, everyone seems to have woken up and I have sold 7 houses! Happy days.. I may FINALLY earn some commission. I haven't been this busy in 5 years! Hooray!

On Wednesday evening I went to another crop and I made this LO.... but to be happy, although I love the Teresa Collins Far Away papers, I think my photos are a bit lost on it, so I'm not sure if I won't go back to the drawing board with it.. what do you think? 

Then last night I went to my sons house to help him start moving his stuff in there. Him and his new wife have been lodging with us since March while they do their house us.. and the light is finally at the end of the tunnel and the carpet went down yesterday. They are just waiting for their boiler to be connected and they will have hot water so they can actually move in.. they (and I) can't wait. I have loved every minute of having them here..but there's nothing like having your own space is there? Then it'll be just me, DH and the dogs again..maybe I can take back control of the remote again (my son had stolen it!)

So that's my week.. I'm off out today for lunch with a friend and then I will be home for a crafty hour or two to round off the day. I hope you all have/had a great week too.


  1. Oh no there is nothing like having your own space, I love love love your layouts. The last one is gorgeous but i know what you mean about photos sometimes getting lost on papers, I never start a layout again if I'm honest (although I have been known to peel things off papers to readjust them LOL) just beat it into submission, I love all the component parts on the layout, the only way I can think that you could have got the photos to 'pop' more would possibly to have matted them up, maybe a pale mat first off (cream or beige) to contract with the photo and then matted again onto navy blue to make them pop from the page, however I still love it just the way it is!

    1. Good idea Virginia... maybe that's all I need to do to it to make it 'right' thanks for the advice!

  2. Isn't it great when you can lots of LO's completed - they are great btw :)
    I hope you get your house back soon, I'm no good when people stay with me for a few nights never mind a few months :O
    Have a great week and I hope that commission rolls in soon :)

  3. I agree with Virginia re matting the photos to give them that pop. Those papers are lush though.

    I just love going to my crop - your layouts are fab and you had a very productive day.

    How fab your son is amost in to his house it will be peaceful for you once they are gone

    Suzy x

  4. I'm sure your son and his wife will be glad to have their own space too. You've done some great layouts. It is amazing how my own scrapbook pages can bring tears to my eyes too. i tend to agree with you on the final LO. there is a lot going on with the papers, so the photos are a bit lost. It probably doesn't need much to lift them though. Kate x

  5. great layouts! You certainly have been busy :)
    I agree with what others have said .. I think a mat around the photos on that last layout would help them "pop". It's a beautiful design, though, so I hope you don't change much!

  6. Love your layouts. congratulations on the house sales

  7. Awww! Definitely a tear jerker photo of your boys :~)
    Love the banner on #2!
    Maybe a title top &/or top right on #3 or enlarge the photos?
    How fortunate you are to have a regular monthly crop day!

  8. That banner is awesome! Love the idea of edging it in black. Both the layouts are fabulous.

  9. Great layouts. 7 houses!? Sounds like a fantastic result, I hope it is a sign of things to come for you (and all of us! :))

    Fantastic week filled with love and connection, and hopefully there is a speedy connection of the boiler as well.