Saturday 27 July 2013

Rocking your world Friday

On a Saturday! Lol- this is why I'm late

Well yesterday was spent (for once) with my gorgeous DH.. We went out and spent the whole day together (before he had to go on to nights) .. I may have mentioned he's a firefighter?
We started off going out for breakfast to a local farm shop...I had an all day breakfast! Yum! Their sausages are to die for so I came home with some of those! Blew the diet.. again! 
Then we went for a drive.. (we're thinking of moving so we're exploring new places).. Stopping at a really pretty pub for a drink as it was a gorgeous day.
Then we explored a little more and stopped in to see my SIL & BIL for tea and a catch up..very civilised.. Then home to wave DH off.
There are very uncertain times for him in his job with all the cuts to public services and his station if closing down so he's waiting to hear if he gets to keep his job or gets a transfer to another station.. And if so..where? Here's a LO of him that I scrapped recently

and one of my DS2..  who's also a firefighter... and whose station is also closing down.. so very uncertain times for him too.

he's coming to visit us this weekend and we don't get to see nearly enough of him.. so I'm super excited and can't wait for Sunday when I get to see him... and here is one of them both together in uniform.. two peas on a pod! lol 

Last weekend you may remember I spent several hours choosing the photos to print and scrap and those to go straight into a printed photo book? Well they all arrived this week.. Two photo books and 200 prints! The books were amazing.. So perfect as a mini brag book to keep in my handbag and the other a beautiful leather bound affair. However the prints were terrible! The colours were all wrong.. The teal was turquoise and they were so bleached out.. Very wrong indeed! However, a quick online 'chat' with a customer advisor soon sorted it out and I have a new set on the way.. Then the scrapping begins!

Then I joined in my very first blog hop.. over on The Counterfeit Kit Challenge.. please see the information in my earlier blog.. below. 

All in all a satisfactory and mostly good week to be grateful for...hope yours was too!

So they're the highlights of the week.. The only LOs I was been able to complete fresh this week (other than my blog hop ones) is one for a challenge that I can't share yet so hence uploading some older ones... the next challenge is taking straight photos of my LO's.. I'm getting better but these were taken a while ago.

Have a good week all!


  1. What a super day with your DH and I love the LOs.

    Times are so uncertain for many folk in public services - I hope things turn out okay for your DH & son.

    Toni xx

  2. It's so scary to read of fire services being cut - we've had some terrible fires locally recently, it doesn't bear thinking about had the firemen not got there when they did. Fingers crossed for you and yours.

    Gorgeous LO's and very nice to 'meet' a new Rocker :-)

  3. Emergency services being cut is just not right - what is this world coming too. Glad you joined in with us at CKCB and I see you made the fabfive on your first attempt - maybe an inclusion for next week's Rockin post!!!

  4. I agree-we cut the services we need and keep frivolity; I know cause I used to work for the local govt and saw tons of waste...shame...but I do love your layouts and love the cluster work at the top of the first one! So glad you found us over at CKCB; we will help you use lots of stash!!!

  5. Great to see you joining in Elaine. Your husband and son do a great job and I have every admiration for those in the fire service. Hope they are sorted out with transfers etc soon. Love the layout of your hubbie and son and it sounds like you had a fab day out

    In an icnreasing world of negativity isnt it lovely to document the positives in life