Saturday 8 April 2017

A long awaited catch up

Whoop di whoop, I'm back. A long overdue post.

I'm going to keep it brief and not bore you with all the bits I've been making but show you a couple of special ones instead.

Since I was last here, I'm delighted to say my Mum is home and making a remarkable recovery but, I'm afraid part of my absence has been due to my lovely daughter in law being diagnosed with breast cancer the week before Christmas which has meant lots of additional Granny sitting duties which has been lovely and both difficult, in equal measures. Lol

Anyway, I'm thrilled to be able to say that she has had major surgery, a double mastectomy, and has been given a very good prognosis!

I've also just moved home too, so as you can see I've not been slacking, although unfortunately I have been struck down with a bad back and a trapped nerve so very unable to help much on the unpacking front and I am currently unable to do much scrapping..but I hope that will change VERY soon!

Anyway..enough of that.. Here are some of my recent favourite pieces.

As many of you know I now design for Merly Impressions and all of these are DT layouts and projects I have made..I try to save my best work for them! lol

Here are some made with Kaisercrafts High Tide Collection

and here are a couple of projects using PS I Love you collection..also by Kaisercraft

three by Kaisercrafts Hanami Gardens

one from Ubud Dreams

So, I hope you like what you see and it has inspired you to have a go at really is one of the most amazing pastimes and I have made so many friends through it.. I will never regret the day I found this wonderful hobby!

Thanks for looking and do remember to let me know you've visited.



  1. Your Pages are just Stunning elaine. So sorry to hear about your DIL. Awful!! Glad that things are improving. My boss and bestie at work is just returning after a year off for similar reasons-I have really missed her - thankfully, i think the worst is over . Take care . I am not suprised that you have been ill with all that stress and moving too. Hope your back is better very soon. xxx Sue

    1. Thank you Sue..I really appreciate your sentiments. You're too kind about my work. I hope to continue my blog from now on. Xx

  2. Hello Elaine, so happy to see you back. What a horrid time you've been having; hopefully you are on the other side of it all now. Beautiful scrapping there as always.
    Su x

  3. What beautiful layouts.It sounds like you have had a really tough time of it lately but I am glad you and your family are on the mend. Stay well and keep on crafting.

  4. Sorry to read about your daughter in law, cancer is such a horrible thing :( Been through it recently with my dad having blood cancer, but luckily/ surprisingly he has just gone into remission!..

    Your pop up box card here is fantastic! Box cards are my favourite! I missed out on grabbing this collection when it was around and now seeing this I wish I had of picked it up!!