Wednesday 13 April 2016


Hi all

Today I'm bringing you my desk to participate in What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday supported by The Stamping Ground.. for more details, do pop over and have a look-see.

The remnants you can see are of five layouts I did this week..and on the left you can see some happy mail I received today that hasn't found it's way into their new home yet. Here is the mail

and here are the five layouts I made.. I also made four tags but I can't share them yet as they are for a swap over on UKScrappers.

.. of my beautiful grand-daughter

 (my personal favourite)

and here is a fun double layout of some old photos

and another layout here

and finally

 ('scuse the wonky photo!)

Also, for those of you that visited last week, you may remember that I said I was going to sort out all my scraps and stickers and ephemera.. well.. I (sort of) did it.. that is to say.. I sorted my scraps and ephemera but I failed at the stickers.. It just didn't make any sense when I started looking at them all.. how do you colour co-ordinate stickers that have several colours on them? Anyway.. here is my scraps all sorted into colours in popper wallets.. so much easier to find.. and maybe actually use?? Only time will tell! All my stickers are now all in one place too.

I also followed the tip of Shaz aka Silverwolf from her blogpost two weeks ago HERE. She suggested that we could make a grid for our drawers to stop our mists and sprays from falling over. No sooner had I seen her post I knew I had to have a go.. now I think you can see that mine isn't as straight as hers, but... it makes no difference at all.. and it keeps all my mists and sprays upright in my Ikea Alex drawer. Thanks Shaz! It works a treat.. and this is how it looks now it's all full up! I have a few sprays that are too tall so I shan't be buying that brand anymore... I can't have them spoiling my organisation now can I? LOL 

all in all a good weeks crafting and sorting!




  1. Gosh, so organised.
    I love the second LO - wonderful photo and a beautifully designed page.
    Toni xx

  2. Your craft area is so organised and tidy. My desk would look like a war zone after 5 LO's!
    Love all of them.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #44

  3. I love thosr personalised cards, they will ve treasured by the recipients.
    Jill #18

  4. Such an organized desk! And busy! Love the layouts and so much fun stuff to play with! Thanks for the visit and hope you have a great week!
    Carol N #34

  5. Hi Elaine, I do love an organised gal:)

    Fab LOs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #12

  6. You are really good at layouts. I'm very impressed and with your organising. I'm addicted to organising stuff haha
    Lynn 13 x

  7. I love your work this week... But my stand out favourite is the finn inspired layout. Just gorgeous. Jx

  8. Lovely layouts. well done on sorting the scraps - I need to do that!!! That's a great tip from Shaz. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x #24

  9. Hi, Elaine, gosh, you've been prolific this week -- so nice to see your pretty layouts. Organizing can be so satisfying, can't it? Happy week and thanks for your visit. ~ Laura #37

  10. Hi Elaine, well done, looks ace! I too have a couple of sprays that are too tall- I'm going to have a hunt and see if I can find some shorter spray bottles to decant into.Love how you included the mini misters- great idea, I shall be doing that with mine too now, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3xx

  11. Wonderful pages this week! Love your light and yet colorful themes. They are just wonderful!! So nice to see your organized space. I'm always trying to tidy up and just love old & shabby tins and antique stuff to keep my brushes, pens, pencil and sorts organized.
    Wishing you a creative fun week to come. Thanks for stopping by my site too... hope to see you next week again at WOYWW♥
    MiSchra ♥ #42

  12. You have been so busy - all those pages are lovely. I need to do the gris thingy too as my drawers are a mess! Sorry for the late post - thanks for your visit earlier today . soojay xx

  13. Great layouts - you've certainly achieved a lot this week. and so organised too!
    Bernice #22

  14. Wow you have been busy organising! The scrapbook layouts look great - lots of memories to relive. Always love new goodies in the mail.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #36

  15. Five LOs - and I saw them on Facebook too - i love when my life crosses itself like that! They are all lovely, and I love the idea of your scraps and ephemera sorted into colour, they look marvellous. So do your sprays actually. I bet you use both more. And I bet you're a bit smug when you open the drawer!!

    1. Lol..yes I am actually.. And I think you're right..I'm going to use them a lot more now I can actually see them. Thanks for visiting x

  16. Hi Elaine. Great layouts and what a fab variety of styles. I love being organized. A slow progress on my side of the pond for sure, but I'm getting there... and so will you. You have a great start! And yes, Happy Mail is the best. My husband now refers to my goodies as 'happy mail'. LOL He is trained to spot the important things in the post :-D Creative Blessings! Kelly #43

  17. Wow! Well done for being organized! I also have my scraps together by colour. It helps whaƧen doing a layout.
    Your LOs are beautiful by the way. (and your granddaughter is gorgeous).
    Thanks for visiting and your kind comment,
    Happy WOYWW

  18. Hello Elaine and happy WOYWW great organizing your drawer and stickers. I so love your layouts to there so pretty. What a great thing to get in the mail always is happy mail and that looks like some great happy items from the box.Thanks for visiting my blog have a great week Hugs ~Anne L #38

  19. Great layouts.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #29

  20. I am loving these scrapbook pages! I feel so inspired now. I've been putting off my scrapbooking too long. And your granddaughter is a cutie pie! Thanks so much for visiting. Sandy Leigh #60

  21. Wow - love your desk. What a great place to create and what a wonderful light source. Great job on your scrapbook layouts.
    April #59

  22. Great set of pages! You seem to get through a lot more pages in a session, than I do. I manage one, or maybe two at a time - not five or six fabulous pages like this!

    I also like the idea of organising scraps and letters by colour. I wonder if it would be easier to sort the stickers into themes though?

    Good drawer organiser. Your comment about not buying the tall ones any more made me laugh!

    Thanks for visiting my blog this week.
    LizzieMade (#62)

  23. I immediately saw a repeat of the organisation, great how we can help and inspire one another. The 2 first LO are amazing.Happy WOYWW Vicky#9

  24. Lovely system of organising all your sprays and I have to say they are lovely LO.
    sandra de @35

  25. Thanks for swinging by my blog. Love the view of your desk..I get window envy. I love how you are getting organised, its the other fun part of being a crafter. I use photo cases to organise my actually works, I have them sorted by colour and I use way more scraps now because of this. Cx #53

  26. Oooh I love how much light you have coming through those windows. ( my eyes are aging faster than the rest of me) so, I actually have a third floor ott light that swings over the big shot on the far left of my table... but, your windows are just awesome :) Thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #48

  27. A lovely busy creative space, Elaine, and a beautifully light one too - it looks great! Your layouts are fantastic and the one of your granddaughter is particularly lovely. As for your spray organisation, how cool is that!! It's fabulous. Some of these things can be quite a pain to store, can't they. I've got loads of computer cables stored coiled up inside toilet paper middles in a box - a tip I found on Pinterest. Simple but effective.

    Thank you for your lovely comment - yes, been far too busy with other things lately and I am looking forward to getting back into the studio soon - my hubby's hankering ater a painting project to be done and that's the first order of the day once I can get it tidied up in there again.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #52

  28. Beautiful layouts Elaine! These pages will be a lovely reminder of happy memories for years to come! Thanks for visiting earlier! Wishing you a happy weekend! zsuzsa #32

  29. OH yesss.... I have deep drawers with all my paint-tubes thrown in, they just keep falling when I put them straight but your photos makes me see the solution! I'm going to make me such a 'grid' today, yay!!! Thanks!!! And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier - happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #26

  30. I do like those layouts, well done, and I just love the idea of organising of ephemera,but how do you classify ephemera? I think I would lose the will to live if I tried to organise most of my bits.
    Thanks for visiting my page.
    Chris #4

  31. Sorry to be so late visiting this week, but I'm glad I got here finally, your layouts are beautiful, you have had a productive week. Love your grid storage too, that's really clever,
    Thanks for your visit.
    Hugs Lisax #55

  32. Wow such gorgeous stunning layouts. Your desk looks awesome and all that new yummy creative stash. Fab idea of the drawer for sprays. I don't need one as at the moment I can fit them all in so I have to almost squash with strength to get the spray back in the drawer. I'm late visiting this week lol. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx