Wednesday 20 February 2013

Snap 2013 and CJ Disney

Yesterday I received my latest instalment of my CJ entitled... Favourite Places. Heidi sent me this lovely LO that I will treasure. It also brought back happy memories of my trip to Florida when my kids were small.

As I mentioned I am also doing Snap 2013 on UKS too and this week I was challenged to take a photo of an unusual door. Here is my take on this:


  1. Heidi's pages are great, who doesn't love Disney?
    I am besotted with doors, take pix of them all the time! Off to check out this week's Snap challenge, now.

  2. Yes, Heidi's CJ entry is lovely.
    Sue x

  3. just noseying through your bloggy - came across this pic - I too am obsessed with 'doors' AND gates in fields etc ? how strange eh. Love this pic too - and your bloggy.