Sunday 24 February 2013

CJ.. Things that make you go WOW!

Hi all.. here are the latest installments of my CJ. The 'France Living' Maggie chose a theme of 'Things that make you go Wow!' which was so inspirational... choosing what thing that made me go Wow was so very difficult... I live in a beautiful rural area with views from the back of my garden that make me go WOW! as each season changes and my first instinct was to select one of the many times I have felt compelled to snap the ever changing view from my garden.. but in the end it was an easy choice.

My husband is a London Firefighter and as part of his role he has to attend many well known London Landmarks, theatres, museums, art galleries etc in order to familiarise himself with the layout of the building in case he ever has to attend in the event of a real emergency.

I therefore chose a view that, at the time, was totally unique! He had to attend the new London 'Shard' which is the tallest building in Europe.. towering way above all the other landmarks in London, such as The Gherkin, St Pauls, The Post Office Tower etc.

I chose this view as he managed to take some incredible photographs whilst he was up there. The one thing I didn't mention in my journalling was the fact that the building wasn't finished by a long way and these pictures were taken from about 2/3rds of the way up.. in a cage on the OUTSIDE of the building.. waving about in the wind!!!! Rather him than me... it is now open to the public.. but wasn't at the time.....

I used Prima Printery papers and some Websters Pages pps and I hinged the left hand photograph with journalling beneath.

Thanks Maggie for photographing these and sending them to ma.. I forgot to do so before I posted them off to her! Doh!


  1. Fabulous pix with a great back story, thanks for some amazing pages to include in my CJ.

  2. Gorgeous pages Elaine & amazing photos hugs Michele x