Sunday 2 June 2013

Garden party

Wow where did that month fly by to?

Sorry I've been absent.. I have been uber busy with my sons wedding preparations. We  held a pre-wedding garden party last weekend and I made lots of decorations, paper chains, Pom poms, bunting etc and I had asked all of my friends to collect all the jars for me so I decorated 200 jam/pickle jars with lace and popped tea lights into them for the evening. I had a great time so please forgive my absence. Here are some of the images.

The bride and groom who the party is in honour of are here

Less than 2 weeks to the big day so forgive my absence over the coming weeks! I'm off to London for a wedding dress fitting with DIL to be but I'll be back later I hope. 


  1. Wow!! all looks Fab! Your garden looks so lovely - So glad the weather is better :)

  2. Goodness you have been busy!! it all looks amazing well done you. I hope the wedding goes perfectly x