Thursday 13 June 2013

Wedding table planner

My, my how the weeks fly by!

Here is a wedding table planner that I have just made for DS wedding on Saturday. My friend Mel (thanks Mel) kindly cut out the silver circles on her Cricut and then I cut the rest and mounted it myself. DH then sprayed the frame as it had been gold previously.

We have a Royal them going on as our surname is King, The Hotel is called The Royal Wells and he's getting married in Royal Tunbridge Wells.. hence the crowns.


  1. Brilliant Elaine. All good luck for Saturday.

  2. well that looks stunning! have a great day all of you, jenx

  3. Oh fabulous stuff, hope you have a fabulous day on Saturday!

  4. Lovely table plan - the crowns look great.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow, my son is also getting married then:)

    1. Hope you had an. Wonderful day too Susi