Friday 12 September 2014

September Sunsets

Here is another Lo I made with my Summer Swansong CKCB kit. 

This time I concentrated on the beautiful sunset I saw whilst driving home. I stopped to take a picture of it as it was so beautiful and it was reeflected int eh reservoir below! Stunning.. the only roblem was I had no-one to share it with as I was alone in the car.. and by the time I coould have got home and returned to see it with DH... it would have been gone! 

So to reflect my thoughts on this, I adapted a poem and wrote it on the tag hidden in a pocket on the top right.. it says

Listen to the sunset,
Hear its silent sigh
As it falls down the horizon
Warning, the moon is nigh

Listen to the sunset
The vanity of its words
How beautiful this sunset is
With its colour, and its birds

Listen to the sunset
See its pretty hue
But I can’t enjoy the sunset
If I am not with you

Listen to the sunset
Enjoy its beauty true
When you see it, think of me
And I will think of you

Here is the Lo and the sunset



  1. Wow! This is lovely and the poem is perfect.

  2. Delightful poem & such an amazing photo! Love how warm your page is.

  3. That snapshot is fab! I like how you've used the pink for an accent color - very effective.

  4. Beautiful! And such a gorgeous photo.

  5. Love the colours! Gorgeous photrograph

  6. Great photo, lovely layout .
    Congratulations on winning the August layout at Scrapology........... xx

    1. Im so pleased.. thank you for choscing me.

  7. OMgosh that is such a beautiful picture the layout gives a gorgeous back drop too, wow I'm in awe. I think I need to invest in a better camera

  8. beautiful lacey cut out behind the lovely photo!

  9. Congrats on making the Fabulous Five over at CKC this is well deserved :)