Friday 18 April 2014

Rocking My World Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone! 

Today is the day I reflect on the weeks happenings to see what I have to be grateful for.. and this week.. it's quite a lot... so here goes. 

Last weekend I spent a pleasant weekend at home looking after my latest B & B Guests who joined me from Liverpool. They were utterly lovely.. and I was pleased to be able to have them stay with me. 

On Saturday we visited the Point to Point races. I didn't have a flutter but we saw lots of friends and aquaintances there.. which was nice. 

There were wall to wall 4 x 4 vehicles and Hooray Henry's but it was quite a specatacle. Best of all.. it was only 1/2 a mile from the house so we could walk there. 

On the way back we stopped and looked in the farmers lambing barns... and saw this...  it isn't a great photo.. but it captured the moment... the Mummy wasn't too pleased we were there so we left them in peace pretty quickly!

Monday.. well that was a bit of a shocker! My Dear Mum (84) had managed to slice the top off three of her toes! She has diabetes so it is pretty serious.. but luckily she called my sister (who lives round the corner from her) and she took her to A & E and they got her fixed up. She's not out of the woods yet..but it looks as though she's on the mend but we won't know for about 6 weeks the outcome. I'm grateful that my sister was able to be there for her. 

Tuesday I went to work and the weather was glorious! So much so I took a lunch-break.. and went and sat beside the river having bought a 99 from the ice cream van! A great way to spend a lunch-break!

Wednesday passed I should be grateful there were no dramas I guess.

Thursday was another lovely day. On the way home I stopped and took the photo below of these gorgeous spring lambs... I am so grateful for where I live.. and warm days.

So that's about it... I hope you too have had a week to be grateful for ... may you all have a happy Easter and spend happy times with friends and families over the bank holiday weekend.

Take care..why not pop on over to Virginias Blog to share your 'Rocking Your World Friday' blog too.


  1. Ah hun, hope your Mum is OK, glad your sister was close so she could get there quickly. Loving your photos and how fab to be able to walk to the races - fab stuff. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend ahead.

  2. Ah no hope you mom is ok now... love the pics. Kent is a beautiful part of England...