Tuesday 11 March 2014


Hello all

Today my work desk contains the tools and the mess that remains from my last LO.. posted previously... where I used paints, stamps and inks to create my LO... and this is the mess that I left behind including the blue beaker full if dirty painty water! It's been there two days! Oh the shame!

Whenever I don't clear my desk after using it.. it's always the time when I suddenly decide I 'need' to use my desk .... making it nigh on impossible to find a space to craft!

In this instance I suddenly remembered I had to make a card for a friend that is recovering from surgery... needs must.. so I pushed everything out of the way and made the card.. I was really too tired to tidy up first! 

Nevertheless.. the card is now made and is sitting in the envelope all ready to go off to the recipient. 

Thanks for stopping by.. and sorry about the mess! lol


  1. Mine is a mess too at the moment, I keep wanting to scrap but because I'm sorting out craft storage I keep getting distracted!

  2. There's always tidying up to do, I am so busy at the moment with things, not just the crafting, that I am just piling stuff on the floor to make room for the next thing. Don't know when it will get shifted, but that's the life of a crafter. Happy crafting, Angela #59

  3. Hi Elaine, your desk's not too bad, some days we just are so focused on a project the mess can't be seen...anyway recently I had a very big clean up and added more desk storage so now I don't find it to difficult to have a quick tidy up after each project. I do still have little piles of 'to do' things. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#24

  4. Oh no matey, don't be sorry, it's hardly a mess to me! And the push back method it's a tried and tested technique for creating room, so welcome to that club!!

  5. I have to agree with Julia the push back method, a must.... we all do it. The only problem I have, I can no longer stand at the other side of my desk. Push back has become push over..
    Nelle 76 xx