Friday 14 February 2014

Rocking your world Friday

Over on Celtic House Blogspot... Virginias blog, she has a regular column that inspires you to look back over the past week and record what you've been grateful for. 

The first thing this week I'm grateful for is Virginia! She makes me take stock so I realise that I have it very good..which is very easy to forget when sometimes things look black. 

Last week, I was so distressed at work that I typed up my letter of resignation and almost left my job. I managed to hold my tongue though and didn't resign and for that I'm actually quite glad... I had a far better week this I still have a job... That's got to be good ... right? 

Then I am seeing terrible flooding everywhere in the UK.. I've never seen such terrible flooding in the UK and I have never been so grateful for living on top of a bloomin' great hill! 

I am also very pleased to be able to say that I have had a major tidy up in my craft room and can actually see my desk again.. So that's also very good... And it means I can actually make things and for that I'm very grateful. 

Like Virginia, my Dear husband has also been helping out my 83 year old mother.. He is such a treasure for doing her odd jobs, painting her ceiling, fixing her fence posts etc.. Not only am I grateful for that, but she is grateful too. 

Finally, I am grateful that I have made so many friends through UKS as I am meeting tow of them today at the Craft Barn in Surrey for a catch up and a shop, followed by lunch in a nearby eaterie. That's all good too..

So being so black last week and thinking I was going to be job hunting, has now been replaced by some happy things to look forward to and the realisation that I really do agave it good.

Happy Friday everyone.. Have a good week. 


  1. Oh hun I'm glad the Rocking Posts are making a difference, it's amazing how they change your perception of life! You sound like you made a good decision last week work wise, I'm glad this week has been a better week for you! WTG hubby for looking after Mum's it really does make a massive difference to their lives doesn't it!

    UKS really is a magical place to meet so many amazing people! I hope you enjoy your catch up with online friends when you meet up.

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  2. I am so glad you had a better week this week. Well done for keeping control, and having second thoughts about resigning.
    You are lucky to be able to meet up with craft friends. I hope you had a lovely time together.
    On top of a hill sounds like a good place to be right now! Stay safe. Kate x

  3. So Glad you had a better week. We also live in a pretty "safe" area re flooding and so far have been ok . Hope next week is even better xx

  4. Late straggler from Virginia's Rocking Friday here :) I have to agree - it really changes the way you think doing this doesn't it?

    Our little part of Kent has been relatively OK from all this rain too. Just a little leak in my shedio is all. It's heart wrenching watching the news :(

    Glad you've had a better week this week - and yay to the tidy craft room. In a way it gets you all inspired doesn't it?

    Have a lovely week Elaine :)