Saturday 2 March 2013

Butterflies and orchids

Hi all... had a great few days. Although I've been working I have also been out a lot this week too. I had a lovely day yesterday. as I went to RHS Wisley with my Mum and Sister to see the Butterflies in the Glasshouse exhibition and we had a lovely time. I am putting a few of the hundreds of photos I took below so you can appreciate the beauty that I saw. No doubt they will be appearing on scrap layouts soon!
Off to a crop today so hoping to get some more LO's done and my latest CJ pages (especially as they have to be posted by Monday!)


  1. How lovely to see butterflies at this time of the year :) Great photos.

  2. What gorgeous pics! Think the one with th orange is my fave xxx

    1. Mine too.. I've used it as my new cover photo on FB