Sunday 17 February 2013

Snap 2013 and Photography

One of my favourite pastimes, when I'm not scrapbooking of course, is photography.. but sometimes just photographing my, mostly oblivious, dogs.. can be either boring.. (another dog, another field type thing) or challenging (getting them to sit still).. the results can be lucky (in my case that is most of the time) or just downright bad!

One of the things that therefore makes me think outside of the box is the Snap 2013.. a Photography challenge that the lovely Sheila sets for us each week. She chooses a theme and each Monday uploads a challenge for the week. Most weeks I manage a new picture based on the theme- but sometimes I have to use a photograph from my library.

Fortunately I have to use my camera during the working day so I can often get to take my picture whilst out working, so I'm a lucky girl.

This week I was challenged to photograph a kitchen utensil on a macro setting which faded into the background so this is my take on it. Watch out for next weeks episode!

and here is one of my lovely 3 dogs too

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