Wednesday 13 February 2013

CJ update

Hey all...

I'm afraid I don't have any crafting pictures to share today but I am really looking forward to getting home tonight to get my next two CJ pages finished as they need to be sent by Monday.

I have to do two 4" x 6" LO's featuring things that make you go Wow! I can't share what they are going to be about yet but as soon as I can get them on here I will do.

I'm getting into the swing of thei blogging thing now and I am soon to launch you into the unsuspecting world. Until now I know I've been talking to myself, but as soon as I pluck up the courage I will mention my blog on UKS and add it to my signature on there too. Hopefully by then I will be a bit more confident in bloggin and I wouln't feel so self conscious.

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