Wednesday 2 November 2016

A clutch of completed layouts, a kitchen re-vamp and a pumpkin

Good morning all

Happy WOYWW 387 to you.. if you want to know more do hop on over to Julia at The Stamping Ground to discover what the heck I'm talking about! lol
Basically.. a bunch of us crafters like to get together each Wednesday to share our desks.. whatever their condition (!) and show each other what we are making or have made during the previous week.

Well.. today my desk is IMMACULATE! Why? Well two reasons.. firstly my house is on the market and it needs to be pristine for when viewers come and secondly because I was at a retreat all weekend and I took LOADS of stash with me and I haven't got around to unpacking it all its tucked away out of sight for my photo and when a viewer comes around I shove it in a large cupboard! lol
So without further ado.. here is my spotless craft room.. drink it all in.. once I have a buyer it'll soon revert to the mess it usually

Now, some of you may remember that last week my dear husband was half way through painting my kitchen.. (again 'cos we're marketing the house) and I promised you a looksee at it here it is before

and here it is completely took him 2 loooong days but since we've done it we have had lots more viewings booked so it was worth it. We even have a second viewing booked on Thursday so keep your fingers crossed for me!  Even if it doesn't sell at least it is a whole heap better. It's pale grey in real life but it looks white in this picture..

Finally I guess you'd like to see what I have been up to since last week.. well as I mentioned, I was away on a scrapbooking retreat at the weekend. Three days of sheer peace and quiet from all the hum drum things in life and LOADS of laughter.. and wine.. lets not forget the .. oh and cake..and chocolate! Just what the Dr ordered after a stress filled few weeks with my Mum. (My sister was looking after her while I had my break) so I had a blast.. and managed 11 layouts in total. Less than I normally manage but a decent number regardless.. so I'll show you a few here but I'll save a few for other weeks when I have less to show. So here goes:

and finally here are my Halloween decorations with a very dodgy looking pumpkin carving! Don't laugh..especially all you Americans out there who are all but professional at these things! Lol. I literally did it in about 5minutes flat because it was almost dark and I wanted to get it out there quick smart so it is what it is...


I got the skeleton from good old Poundland and I made the little Halloween canvas a few weeks back

So..that's another week in my life.. I'm off now to see what you've all been up to too.



  1. Lovely LOs but your kitchen - wow, what a transformation! Good luck with the sale, we did it in the summer and it all happened in 8 weeks. So quickly, we had to go into rented!
    Hugs, LLJ 9 xxxx

  2. Hi Elaine, love all your layouts. the time spent on the kitchen was well worth it, it looks amazing. Fingers crossed the viewings go well. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #22 xx

  3. Now that is an absolutely stunning make over with paint. Truly impressed and some pretty nice LO as well. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @26

  4. We're in the same shoes, about to put our house on the market. We're just not sure it's the right time to move as the prices are bound to come down (which would very much be in our interest). Your kitchen and craft room look absolutely spotless! It's so inconvenient having to tidy everything for a viewing, isn't it? Loving your scrapbook pages! I used to enjoy scrapbooking but I haven't done any for a while. Happy WOYWW and good luck with your house sale! zsuzsa #31

  5. Lovely layouts, and that kitchen makeover is amazing. Love the clean modern look it now has.

  6. Wow, that is one tidy craft room LOL
    The kitchen looks fabulous - well done hubby.
    Super LOs from your weekend away and I think your pumpkin is cute.
    Toni xx

  7. What a prolific scrapbook weekend! It's always so nice to get so many lo's made. Your area is really clean. Have a Wonderful Wednesday and terrific week. LisaDV #37

  8. I would buy your house just on the merits that craft room!! And I love the re-do of the kitchen, what a difference! Good luck on your selling and moving. Your little Halloween set up is very cute, even that cute pumpkin! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #41

  9. Lovely scrapbook pages.

    Your craft room looks great and the kitchen makeover is just fantastic. Wow - that's just what mine needs. Hope you get your home sold soon.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon k #38

  10. Hi Elaine, I love your craft room - all that tidiness puts me to shame - and I love your kitchen. It's amazing what a coat (or two) of paint can do and I'm not at all surprised that there's interest in your house. Your layouts are all stunning too. I'm impressed with your pumpkin - it's heaps better than anything I could ever produce :) Hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #35

  11. The Kitchen looks wonderful and at least you still got your craft room to enjoy while your selling your space mine all went into a box lol
    Good luck with the sale
    hugs Nikki 3

  12. Great transformation in the kitchen, it's amazing what a coat of paint can do, it looks so different. Good luck with the house sale then you can get back to a messy desk Lol!. Happy woyww, Angela x 19

  13. Wow, great before and after photos of your kitchen. And your craft room is nice and clean! I love your layouts. Very nice

  14. Lovely desk, I think it would drive me crazy if I had to keep my desk tidy.
    Love the painted kitchen, and wow those scrapbooking pages are great well done.
    sorry for my late visit.

    lilian b #16

  15. Lovely lovely LOs; I think we must have been at the same, cake, laughter and LOs...sounds very familiar and such a good break, so glad you enjoyed. The kitchen is utterly transformed and looks wonderful....but your craft looks like a library of craft gear! delicious! Great good luck with the house sale.

  16. Happy Belated WOYWW. A scrapbooking retreat - with cake - sounds like heaven! I hope that one day we will live closer to 'civilisation' and I will be able to get to events. Your kitchen was lovely before, but in grey it is simply stunning. Hope the 2nd viewing goes well. I would buy your house just for your craft room. Ali x #11 ps I didn't even get round to carving our pumpkin!

  17. OMG - great Kitchen, great crafting space. How do you decide where you want to go to be creative. It must be the craft room - your layouts are awesome & I do not see any treats around! Happy belated WOYWW donna #49

  18. Sweet craftroom! I mean a soft and delicate feeling...
    Cute LO´s.

    / Sussie