Thursday 2 July 2015

Two posts in 2 days! It's a miracle

Morning all.. 

Well that's a shocker! A second post from me in as many days! Caused mainly by the fact I am off work with a really sore throat so I have not only had time to finish my tissue box cover I mentioned in yesterdays post, but to blog about it aswell! 

So without further ado.. here it is.. as promised

First I took the MDF wooden cover and covered it in plain white tissue.. the sort you get in a shoe box..nothing fancy! I adhered it with plain PVA glue and left to dry. 

I then chose a very pretty cocktail napkin and separated the layers and stuck all the layers on individually smoothing with the glue brush as I went. 
Once dry, I dry brush painted the whole thing in a white chalk paint to soften the effect. (I aim to place this beside my bed so I wanted a soft romantic feel to it.) 

I then used the small offcuts to add extra dimension by sticking all of them onto a sheet of inexpensive white card and then fussy cutting them from the card.  Once dry I then stuck them on top of the butterflies etc that were on the hardened napkin. I added a ''fence' die cut at the bottom and trimmed it at the top with some of the pretty lace I got in my stash swap from Australia that I mentioned yesterday. 

Finally I layered some cheesecloth on the top of the box and added a cluster of embellishments on two corners.  I chose some roses, a tassel, a girlie handbag, a heart and some pearls and stuck it all on with a hot glue gun. 

So.. a quick post, as promised. I hope you like my overtly feminine, romantic tissue box cover.. and I hope it has inspired you to do something similar.. it really is the easiest technique with minimal skills required.. good luck! 



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you...coming from someone as good at mixed media as you, that means a lot.

  2. Thats so pretty and looks quite complicated to do.

    1. Thank you.... As long as you don't mind getting sticky fingers it really is quite easy

  3. Seriously pretty Elaine - love it!