Tuesday 11 November 2014

Altered/ mixed media items including Christmassey birdhouses

Hey all... Well here I am again.. This time with something quite different for me! 

As some of you may know, I recently went on a scrapbooking retreat weekend.. And two of the ladies there are in to altered items and mixed media art... So they provided us with a giant clothes peg (pin) for us to alter and they also gave all of us a papier mâché initial for each of our names. 

Well... I think it's safe to say.. I'm hooked! I just love taking something quite plain and boring and turning it into something so different from what it started out as. 

Here are those two items.. I'm really pleased with them for a first attempt at altering something! 

The peg (pin) I painted with turquoise chalk paint by Paper Artsy and then whitewashed dry acrylic paint over it. I then stamped some paisley shapes and silver heat embossed it. I added a cluster made of embellishments, which I added on top of a rectangle of plasterers drywall tape as the base. I added Prima paper roses and painted them to co-ordinate. I finished it off with a stick pin with made with beads and crystals.

I am going to use this peg to hold my take away menus... when I move that is.. I live so rurally that no-one delivers to me out here! Lol!

Below is my initial... I covered this with dictionary paper, painted it thinly and then used script texture paste with a mask then rubbed Treasure Gold around the egdes. Again I made a cluster of embellishments and added pearls all over..but I realised it was a bit unbalanced so I added a smaller cluster at the bottom. I'm pleased with the end results. really.. for a first attempt!   

Tell me what you think.. And be honest, I'm learning here so any tips would be gratefully received! 

So ... after I got home, I decided I would make some more things..this time I though I'd make them Christmassey    (as it's that time of year again)... and I was challenged to do so by themirrocrack1d blog here ... and as you probably know by now, I'm always up for a challenge!

so.... First I took these little wooden birdhouses... 

Then I covered them with yellowed pages from an old Thesaurus. I used PVA glue (and got in a right mess too!) to stick it all together. Once dried I took a dry paintbrush and dry brushed acrylic white paint all over them.. After allowing them to dry again, I then added pale gold acrylic paint. 

Once I was satisfied with the finish of them, I stamped small snowflakes on the roof of each and then I added fold embossing powder and heated it. Then I added pearl 'runs' on the top of each roof too. 

 When they were completely dry ( which took some time because of the Viva Decor pearl pen) I then made a decision to add a row of crystals across the ridge of the roof, and added thin lace to the apex of the roof too using a hot glue gun. 

Finally I chose the embellishments for each house, making each slightly different, and I stuck them all on with the same hot glue gun. 

Mainly I used pearls and silk roses, but on a couple I have used old broken jewellery to add a different element. 

Overall I'm very pleased with them, and I have a few new decorations for my tree this year.. So I'm a happy girl. 

So pleased you've joined me in my journey into mixed media art.. Do pop back soon.. You never know what else I may get up to! 

See you soon! 




  1. Oooooo gorgeous - I have a little birdhouse...must have a go! I love the peg and your initial - beautiful colours :)

    1. Thanks Katherine! I loved it.. but I'm moving soon so I guess I'll have to put my new found obsession on hold for a while

  2. Hello Elaine,
    I am so pleased that you have joined us this month at ' The Mirror Crack'd.'
    Your little bird houses, are just beautiful, and keeping the embellishments to a minimum is unique but I must say I really do like the way you have done this.
    Regarding your initial....It is unbalanced to my eye, a little more embellishment is all that is needed, do not be afraid to have some fun here you have plenty of space. I would suggest, and take this as constructive criticism and please do not be offended, you have two options; either continue with adding more elements, varying the size, and shapes, or remove the bottom element completely and continue to work down and into the middle of the E a little, have your key as your last element hanging past this as. God am I making myself clear or have I confused you completely?
    Just add more and take it from there and see where it takes you. Make sure you reduce your sizes toward the bottom of your cluster of elements.
    Hope this is a help?
    Sue (TMC Dt)

    1. Thanks for the tips... I'm not offended..I'm new to this.. I want to learn from those more experienced than I

  3. Lovely little bird houses, they will look great on the tree.
    Thanks for entering them in The Mirror Crack'd challenge and good luck, Angela R. x

  4. What a wonderful weekend- I love learing messy stuff like this - too scared to do much at home.
    Your bird houses are my fav - just gorgeous!!
    I agree the letter just need s little something to link the two areas of embellishments together - otherwise again gorgeous.
    Love the colours you chose for the peg - beautiful!
    will you do more ?

    1. Oh yes.. Can't wait.. Love it! Thanks for your advice.