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Monday, 21 July 2014

My sunshine..and a disaster too!

Hello all

Today I'm bringing you a LO that I created today from the weekly challenge over on UKS featuring my 'men' who undoubtedly bring me sunshine is a sea of life that can, ocassionally, seem very grey! (Luckily not that often.. I'm a glass half full gal!)  

Firstly I had to use this sketch, then I had to add stitching or fabric (I used both)  and to use a colour I had a lot of in my wardrobe.. in my (not yellow makes me look sallow).. finally I had to use polka dots.

So.. firstly I used an entire sheet of yellow PP that I had in my July 'Just in Time' CKCB kit.. and then I added some Authentique papers from a recent purchase of a 6" paper pad..using just the black and polka dot sheets. 

I then used a negative of a heart punch out and added yellow polka dot washi tape beneath it, added some fabric strips and some faux stitching around the heart. 

I finished off with a flourish of flowers including some sequin flowers... ending up with tipping the entire box of THOUSANDS of sequins all over my craft room floor. I was distraught.. in fact I've walked away from them and will go back to it later when I've worked out the best method of clearing them all up. I figure that using a dustpan and brush will just get them to stick with static to the brush! I can't use my hands as they stick to them too and I can't get them off there either...any ideas??? What a klutz! 

Hey ho.. it didn't stop me finally photographing and loading the LO here! 

Hope someone has a good idea how to clear up my sequins???



  1. Lovely LO Elaine.
    Oh dear to the sequin 'ooops'. Do you have any thin cotton gloves - you know, the sort that you put on when you are moisturising your hands ready to go to bed. The cotton should stop the static but you don't want them too thick otherwise you will have difficulty picking up the odds. At least it wasn't glitter...
    Toni xx

  2. Love the grey and yellow colour combination. As for the sequins....if you cut the leg off a pair of old tights and stretch it over the tube of your hoover (without an attachment obviously) and push it inside a bit to form a collecting pouch, you should be able to suck them up. Have a container handy for them to drop into when you switch the power off. Good luck!

  3. I love these colours together.
    Like Fiona, I use a thin sock over the nozzle of the hoover when I spill things. (Don't let go of the sock, keep a hold of it otherwise it may well disappear up the hoover pipe!)

  4. sequins... you need a bored child on school holidays and a monetary bribe... can you tell I have been there with somethign similar... love the layout :) jx

  5. Thanks for the ideas ladies... I used the Hoover with a knee high over the end and it worked a treat!

  6. Lovely page despite the mishap. I think I would have just hoovered them up without the tights LOL!

  7. Lovely page and despite the mishap know the best way to pick up! Great idea ladies :)

  8. Oh no, nightmare. Yes, I would have picked a few up and then hoovered them! Good to know that tip and well done for asking, I wouldn't have thought to!!!

  9. You really are using that kit up!! Great to see you enjoying it :)

  10. Great page. Glad you were able to get your sequins collected.

  11. Great layout, love the color combination, it really pops
    Cindy F

  12. Gorgeous page! Hope you managed to clear up the mess - I would have gone with the sock/hoover idea.

  13. what a lovely happy page with all that lovely yellow and those handsome chaps! glad to hear the hoover tip worked - will remember that for myself - I'm so clumsy!!