Friday 16 May 2014

NSD Colour your Mood LO challenge NO 1

Hi again.. 

This time I'm back again with another LO based on this challenge from the CKCB blog.

It took me out of my comfort zone from the off as I usually always choose a photo to co-ordinate with the papers I want to work with..but on this occasion the task was to scrap a photo with papers based on your mood! 

Now.. as many of you know.. I'm STILL scrapping photos from my sons wedding last year.. so I thought about that day and it made me... happy! So then I thought about what colour would I choose to signify 'happy' and in this instance I chose yellow... it is such a cheerful colour isn't it? 

The only problem is that my wedding outfit was blue, the bride was in white and the men were all in black with teal cravats.. so where did yellow fit into all this? It didn't really.. so I picked a sheet of paper.. an old Sassafras one from my May Madness CKCB kit to create this LO.. then, and only then, did I pick the photo to go with the paper.. such a backward way of doing things for me... but guess what??? I Love it.. I'm so happy with this LO.. in fact I was so pleased with it that I didn't really want to put a thumping great title over it.. so I put a teeny, tiny one on there instead.. 'Meet and Greet' .. which I think says it all.. and to top it off my friends outfit (sort of) goes with it too.. 

So.. thanks once again CKCB.. you've done it again! How you come up with these ideas I don't know..but however you do it.. don't stop! 

See you soon!


  1. That is a gorgeous layout and I love how you left the photo until last, it sometimes works better than way, I'm always surprised with the photos I eventually use to scrap when the photo comes last!

  2. Well done and I just love the layout :)

  3. love all the yellow-that pp is fab! I am JUST getting to my CKCB challenges tonight!