Monday 14 April 2014

New craft space.

Morning all!

Over on the CKC Blog, they challenge you to clear out your stash! Well I have done just that... three pizza boxes went winging there way to friends Grandchildren, a charity and to a lovely lady that took two whole carrier bags of magazines for the elderly at her photos to show you of them..but I'm sure you believe me when you see how tidy my craft room now is! 

As some of you know I have recently re-sited my craft room.. I did a blog here about the first craft room I 'commandeered' in my home..but the size was extremely limited and, due to some inappropriately placed beams in my 17th Century cottage, I was always bumping my head!

So here is my new craft room relocated to a mezzanine over my bedroom. I still bump my head when I'm standing though.. but I can whizz around all that space now on my wheeled chair.

Now I'm not going to describe all the photos, I am sure you can work out what things are, but here are a few photos to give you a 'flavour' of my space. If you want to see more of how I store things please see the original blog of the first scrap space. 

Unfortunately there is no window but I have very good daylight lamps and occasionally I move into my conservatory if I need some real daylight.

So here goes! 

Cutting and sticking station

My desk and shelves with two carousel storage units

Card scraps in the magazine holders and brads, rosettes etc in the drawers. Both of the totes rotate too.

Themed embellishments

My Scrapmabob in the foreground! Love it!

My small card scraps and my Thickers storage

My ribbon stash and some full sheets of CS
My 'collections' and kits in large plastic filing 'boxes'

So there it is! Hope you enjoyed seeing my space. Don't forget to comment and become a follower if you want to be in with a chance of winning a small prize at the end of April too.

Have a good day all. 


  1. That's a wonderful craft space. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  2. I'm slightly alarmed... the picture captioned 'my scrapmabob in the foreground' appears to have a giant mouse trap set up on the floor!! :D
    It all looks great, not sure I'd manage with no day light though.
    I did a massive stash clear out last year with loads of boxes going to a children's hospice. The thing is I've already had one big parcel this year and another one is on it's way - maybe I need to do another sort out!

    1. Oh that did make me laugh! That's my ladder to my mezzanine! I can TOTALLY see what you mean!
      You get used to no daylight.. I do most of my crafting in the evening anyway so there's no worries. I had a massive sort out for charity too.

  3. Wow you did a fantastic job on reorganizing your craft room :) I like how you have your 3d embellishments tamed and your kits too. Loos so well organized :)

  4. Wow amazing space I also feel that the no natural daylight might be an issue for me but then I read your reply and thought - yep I do most of mine at night time too so it really doesn't matter does it! Love how organised you are!

  5. I'm glad Laura cleared up the mousetrap mystery ;-)
    Great job Elaine ... will that mean even more pages in production?

  6. Such a great space, love the way you have placed the furniture to maximize head space, loads o great storage! Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapMuch?!

  7. Wow!! So organized and full of fun goodies!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Brilliant! I would love to be so organised ... one day LOL.
    Sue x

  9. It looks like a wonderful cosy place to do some serious scrapping, spied the expedit storage unit there, looks great.

  10. So organized and what a cool space!

  11. What a fabulous space to be creative in :)

  12. Looks like a fabulous space! Have fun crafting and creating x

  13. Fabulous space. Mine is overflowing at the moment and I think it is time for a serious clean out.... :/ It is the ONLY place that I am a hoarder :( love your little space. So clean and tidy.

  14. I love the thought of you whizzing around on your wheelie chair !
    Beautiful space by the way !

  15. you've made wonderful use of your space! I don't have much natural light either but your room is much brighter than mine!!

    Thanks for linking up your space at Scrap Much?