Friday 3 January 2014

RYW Friday

Well!  Over on Virginias blog, Rock Your World Friday.. she gives thanks for all manner of things, ignoring the tumultuous weather that seems to have been 'rocking' most of our worlds over this festive season. Well done Virginia for being so positive.  One big thing I am grateful for is electricity! Having had a 36 hour power cut for all of Christmas Even and half of Christmas Day it makes you realise how much our lives rely on electricity. No internet, in my case no mobile phone because I need an electric booster to get a signal where I live, no TV, no cooker etc... not too bad during the day because I can craft in the daylight with no power... but by the evening it is not so much fun. We had a quick change of plan and had a last minute change of venue to my sons... so I'm grateful for that too.
New Year was uneventful for me because hubby was working but we did get out to see out friends on the 30th and we had a fun evening, so for that I'm grateful.
Unfortunately I have got an eye infection so I'm not too upbeat, but I am grateful for the doctor who gave me antibiotics anyway!
I'm also very grateful for some 'me' time on NYE and NYD when I was able to finalise my re-organisation of my craft space and create a kit for the Counterfeit Kit January Challenge and the first LO I have done with the kit I made up.. see my earlier blogs.
All in all a pleasant week (and a bit) so for that I am grateful. Thank you Virginia for making me look back over my week and making me pick out the positives... it is all too easy to dwell on the negatives in life... right.. now I'm off to take down my decorations. See you next week.


  1. just taken our decs down too! how much dust!!!! Have a rocking week to come, jenx

  2. My decs came down on the 27th :O
    We just don't realise how much we take electricity and water etc for granted - glad it's all back up and running :)
    I love how quick you joined in with the CKCB kit.
    Have a great week :)

  3. It must have been so hard managing without electricity right on Christmas. I'm glad you found some alternatives places to go. Our decorations stay up until twelfth night because it is a fiesta here in our village so the celebrations have not ended yet. well done on getting stuck into craft challenges already. have a great week. Kate x

  4. It really does make a big difference looking a positives and not negatives doesn't it. Glad your electricity is sorted and that you managed to sort the venue issues out at the last minute. Hope the eye infection is clearing up too - not much fun at all, but glad the Doctor erred on the side of caution. Hope you have a fabulous week ahead.


  5. We saw on the news about all the people struggling over Christmas - it was bad enough when ours went down for a couple of hours last month. It's always at night! Am glad you had somewhere you could relocate to!

    Hope you have an amazing week this week x