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Sunday, 20 October 2013

I'm in the blogging mood!

Well because I have such a bumper crop of Lo's to share.. here are two more.. one I did last weekend too (at the Green Buttons retreat) and one I did at the crop I went to a little earlier in the month.

Here is one of my DH showing his love of gardening.. rain do NOT stop play!

and here is another wedding LO of my DIL getting ready for the big day.


  1. Two fab pages - I love the Just Add Water one when I saw it last weekend. The colours of the wedding album are perfect!

  2. love them. I see you got your cloud die ! tee hee

  3. Beautiful - love the clouds :)

  4. Yes I love the clouds one too - think it was based on Jayne's from the GB retreat, wasn't it? Must go and have another look at that one too - feeling a bit of a cloud thing coming on!! Wedding one looking very classy!

    1. Yes I confess it was a lift from Jayne.. when you see something good it's always worth recreating in my view. Clouds seem to be very 'in' at present.

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