Monday 15 April 2013

Wedding favours

What an industrious day I had yesterday.

I spent all morning blitzing the house and then felt I deserved some crafting time. With my sons wedding looming I have several items to make and one of the mammoth tasks was to make the wedding favours for the tables. These are to be in the form of wine glass charms in organza bags.

So DIL to be and I sat down and worked out our bead 'arrangement' and off we went.. not as easy as you might think believe me! lol

After a few nightmares and giggles we cane up with these.. 50 for the men with crowns on- to follow the them of the wedding (which is Kings- due to my surname) and 50 for the girls with hearts on with a little crown embossed on them. The girls have pearls and crystals on and the boys have just crystals.

Then of course we had to make the little inserts to go inside the bags and cut to fit... it was a propoer little sweat shop for a few hours.

Here is the end result... and the whole thing came to less than £20 for 100 guests.. rather good value I think and it was precious bonding time with DIL to be.

Have a great Monday everyone