Thursday 4 February 2021

Some exciting news.

Well, having just restarted my blog, I have some news to share. 

I have recently been asked to design for Memories and Photos as a guest designer! How exciting! 

So, here are the layouts I created. The brief was to be a ‘normal’ scrapbooker without too much dimension and to work with the kit that was provided. As you can see my kit was Green... a colour I don’t use often so that was my first challenge! Secondly, the sketches given to me were multi photo double layouts so that was another challenge! Lol. Talk about out of my comfort zone! However, with some thought I came up with these four DLO’s..and, most importantly, scrapped lots of photos in the bargain...which is, after all the reason we all scrap! 

The kit I was provided with my Memories and Photos is their February 2021 kit so do check it out won’t you

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  1. I.m amazed at what you’ve achieved with this kit, these pages are so very different but I can still see your creativity and style in them. Well done.